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Primer día de cosecha

"First day of harvest" Mata Bejid

Olive oil is close to liquid OLIVES, with all the nuances, aromas and flavors. We keep the whole process at low temperature to obtain the best olive juice that we bottle with all the polyphenols of the Picual variety to keep 100% of its healthy impact what also brings with it a taste a little more bitter and spicy.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil has an intense green color and medium-intense green fruitiness.


It is an olive oil with many shades, on which the green leaf and fresh grass stand out, and there can be found smells of tomato, green banana, young almond and a slight touch of tomato.


From the point of view of taste and tactile sensations we can say that it is a full-bodied olive oil, with a medium-high intensity of bitterness and intense spiciness, both persistent but in balance with the intensity of fruitiness.


Degree of acidity0,17º
Peroxide index5 MeqO2/Kg.
Medium fruitness6.0
Defect Median0 (No defects)
Multiwaste analysis resultWithout residues

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