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Reserva de familia Mata Bejid

"Family Reserve" Mata Bejid

We want you to enjoy an exceptional Extra Virgin Olive Oil ALWAYS and for that we have put all our years of experience to the service of the process to obtain in the most efficient way this great EVOO without renouncing to the quality.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil of green color and medium green fruitiness.


It is worth mentioning the cleanliness of the nuances found in this oil, where fresh grass and young almond stand out, where you can find tomato and green banana smells which, together with a pleasant tomato aftertaste, complete a complex sensorial profile.


From the point of view of taste and tactile sensations we can say that it is a balanced oil, complex in nuances, with an average intensity of bitter and spicy, both persistent but in balance with the rest of the organoleptic characteristics.


Degree of acidity0,17º
Peroxide index3,3 MeqO2/Kg.
Medium fruitiness5.6
Defect Median0 (No defects)
Multiwaste analysis resultWithout residues

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